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A system-wide health sciences faculty mentor training program is associated with improved effective mentoring and institutional climate.

JoAnn Trejo, Deborah Wingard, Virginia Hazen, Alexandra Bortnick, Karen Van Hoesen, Angela Byars-Winston, Christine Pfund, Vivian Reznik,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Mentorship is critical for faculty success, satisfaction, and engagement. However, many faculty, particularly underrepresented racial/ethnic (UR) faculty, lack access to high-quality mentoring. In an effort to improve mentoring for all faculty, we developed and implemented a formally structured faculty mentor training program (FMTP) across UC San Diego Health Sciences, which ... Read more >>

J Clin Transl Sci (Journal of clinical and translational science)
[2022, 6(1):e18]

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Heterogeneity and clonal relationships of adaptive immune cells in ulcerative colitis revealed by single-cell analyses.

Brigid S Boland, Zhaoren He, Matthew S Tsai, Jocelyn G Olvera, Kyla D Omilusik, Han G Duong, Eleanor S Kim, Abigail E Limary, Wenhao Jin, J Justin Milner, Bingfei Yu, Shefali A Patel, Tiani L Louis, Tiffani Tysl, Nadia S Kurd, Alexandra Bortnick, Lauren K Quezada, Jad N Kanbar, Ara Miralles, Danny Huylebroeck, Mark A Valasek, Parambir S Dulai, Siddharth Singh, Li-Fan Lu, Jack D Bui, Cornelis Murre, William J Sandborn, Ananda W Goldrath, Gene W Yeo, John T Chang,

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) encompasses a spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders driven by dysregulated immune responses against gut microbiota. We integrated single-cell RNA and antigen receptor sequencing to elucidate key components, cellular states, and clonal relationships of the peripheral and gastrointestinal mucosal immune systems in health and ulcerative colitis (UC). UC ... Read more >>

Sci Immunol (Science immunology)
[2020, 5(50):eabb4432]

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