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Does abnormal ductus venosus pulsatility index at the first-trimester effect on adverse pregnancy outcomes?

Şafak Yılmaz Baran, Hakan Kalaycı, Gülşen Doğan Durdağ, Selçuk Yetkinel, Alev Arslan, Esra Bulgan Kılıçdağ,

AIM:The ductus venosus pulsatility index for veins (DV PIV) has become a popular marker of the first-trimester scan. The aim of this study is to search for any difference between groups with normal and abnormal DV PIV values in terms of adverse pregnancy outcomes. METHODS:We retrospectively evaluated 556 women whose ... Read more >>

J Gynecol Obstet Hum Reprod (Journal of gynecology obstetrics and human reproduction)
[2020, :101851]

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Acute rheumatic fever in south-east of Turkey: clinical features and epidemiological evaluation of the patients over the last 25 years.

Sevcan Erdem, Fadli Demir, Mustafa Ayana, Oguz Canan, Yankı Kaan Okuducu, Alev Arslan, Osman Kucukosmanoglu, Nazan Özbarlas,

This study evaluates clinical and epidemiological features of acute rheumatic fever using the data of last 25 years in our hospital in south-east of Turkey. The medical records of 377 patients with acute rheumatic fever admitted to Pediatric Cardiology Department of Çukurova University during 1993-2017 were retrospectively analysed. Two hundred ... Read more >>

Cardiol Young (Cardiology in the young)
[2020, :1-9]

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Cardiac Function in Children After Kidney Transplant.

Alev Arslan, Gönül Parmaksız, Zekiye Aytül Noyan, Kenan Çalışkan, Sedat Yıldırım, Mehmet Haberal,

OBJECTIVES:Renal transplant improves echocardiographic markers of systolic and diastolic heart functions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the gradual changes in left and right ventricle functions in children and young adults before and after renal transplant. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Thirty kidney recipients of median age 13 years (range, 5-19 ... Read more >>

Exp Clin Transplant (Experimental and clinical transplantation : official journal of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation)
[2019, :]

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Reversible cardiomyopathy-tachycardiomyopathy in children.

Alev Arslan, İlkay Erdoğan, Birgül Varan, Mustafa Yılmaz, Mehmet Bülent Özin, Niyazi Kürşad Tokel,

Arslan A, Erdoğan İ, Varan B, Yılmaz M, Özin MB, Tokel NK. Reversible cardiomyopathy-tachycardiomyopathy in children. Turk J Pediatr 2019; 61: 552-559. Tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy (tachycardiomyopathy) is defined by the presence of a sustained tachycardia that results in left ventricular systolic dysfunction. Restoration of cardiac function is dependent on the control ... Read more >>

Turk. J. Pediatr. (The Turkish journal of pediatrics)
[2019, 61(4):552-559]

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Effects of L-thyroxine treatment on heart functions in infants with congenital hypothyroidism.

Alev Arslan, Veysel Nijat Baş, Salih Uytun, Hatice Gamze Poyrazoğlu,

Impaired heart functions in newborns with hypothyroidism should be reversed by levothyroxine substitution therapy. The aim of the study was to investigate heart functions with congenital hypothroidism (CH) in newborns and changes after levothyroxine substitution therapy, measured with tissue Doppler echocardiography and conventional echocardiography.The study included 30 neonates with CH ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Endocrinol. Metab. (Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism : JPEM)
[2017, 30(5):557-560]

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A Case of Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis Presenting With Signs and Symptoms Mimicking Hemolytic Anemia.

Dilek Doğruel, Ayşe Erbay, Nalan Yazici, Alev Arslan, Bermal Hasbay Biçen,

Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis is primarily a disorder of childhood, which is characterized by hemoptysis, iron deficiency anemia, and diffuse parenchymal infiltrates on chest x-ray secondary to recurrent attacks of alveolar hemorrhage. It can be diagnosed by showing hemosiderin laden macrophages in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid after other specific causes of diffuse ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Hematol. Oncol. (Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology)
[2017, 39(1):e15-e17]

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Bone mineral density and bone metabolic markers' status in children with neurofibromatosis type 1.

Hatice Gamze Poyrazoğlu, Veysel Nijat Baş, Alev Arslan, Funda Bastug, Mehmet Canpolat, Hüseyin Per, Hakan Gümüs, Sefer Kumandas,

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a multisystem disorder characterized by progressive manifestations, which is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. The majority of patients with NF1 experience a diffuse, significant reduction in bone mass over time, with osteoporosis, osteopenia in the absence of severe scoliosis, or gross bone deformities. This ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Endocrinol. Metab. (Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism : JPEM)
[2017, 30(2):175-180]

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Combination of two different homozygote mutations in Pompe disease.

Alev Arslan, Hatice Gamze Poyrazoğlu, Aslihan Kiraz, Alper Özcan, Halid Işık, Ayse Betül Ergul, Neslihan Önenli Mungan, Berthold Streubel, Serdar Ceylaner, Yasemin Altuner Torun,

Pompe disease (OMIM no 232300) is an autosomal recessive inherited metabolic disorder, caused by glycogen accumulation in the lysosome due to deficiency of the lysosomal acid 03B1-glucosidase enzyme. Here we report the case of an 8-month-old girl of consanguineous Turkish parents, who was diagnosed with the infantile form of Pompe ... Read more >>

Pediatr Int (Pediatrics international : official journal of the Japan Pediatric Society)
[2016, 58(3):241-243]

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Evaluation of carotid intima-media thickness in children with migraine: a marker of subclinical atherosclerosis.

Hatice Gamze Poyrazoglu, Umit Erkan Vurdem, Alev Arslan, Salih Uytun,

Migraine is a commonly seen neurovascular disorder during childhood. Inflammation induced by the activation of cytokines and neuropeptides is implied in its pathophysiology. There is an association between inflammation and atherosclerosis in patients with migraine. In addition, there is a strong correlation between early atherosclerotic wall lesions and carotid intima-media ... Read more >>

Neurol. Sci. (Neurological sciences : official journal of the Italian Neurological Society and of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology)
[2016, 37(10):1663-1669]

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