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Knuckle cracking at night associated with sodium oxybate treatment.

Semiramis Carbajal-Mamani, Richard B Berry, Lubna Al Hourani, Abhishek Khatri, Scott Ryals, Mary H Wagner,

<h4>None</h4>During upward titration of a dose of sodium oxybate therapy for narcolepsy with cataplexy, a 25-year-old woman was observed by her husband to have new onset of knuckle-cracking and moaning behaviors during sleep ≥1 nights each week. The patient did previously occasionally crack her knuckles during the day (but never ... Read more >>

J Clin Sleep Med (Journal of clinical sleep medicine : JCSM : official publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine)
[2021, 17(5):1121-1123]

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Comparative genomics and molecular adaptational analysis of Arthrobacter from Sikkim Himalaya provided insights into its survivability under multiple high-altitude stress.

Srijana Mukhia, Abhishek Khatri, Vishal Acharya, Rakshak Kumar,

Arthrobacter is a dominant aerobic bacterium under the class Actinobacteria, known for its nutritionally versatile nature and wide prevalence in stressful environments. In the current study representative two strains of Arthrobacter, ERGS1:01 and ERGS4:06, with efficient survivability under high altitude stress conditions were selected for comparative genomic studies with their ... Read more >>

Genomics (Genomics)
[2021, 113(1 Pt 1):151-158]

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