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Angioedema in the emergency department: an evidence-based update.

PMID: 36121764 (view PubMed database entry)

Prayag Mehta, Nikola Milanko, Jedediah Leaf, Joshua Kern,

Angioedema is a histamine- or bradykinin-mediated response that can be acquired, hereditary, or idiopathic. Manifestations include nonpitting edema of the subcutaneous layer of the skin or submucosal layers of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tracts. While acute presentations are typically transient and localized, angioedema can result in acute airway compromise, requiring immediate stabilization. It can also result in abdominal pain that is commonly misdiagnosed, resulting in unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures. This review assesses current literature on the etiology and management of angioedema in the emergency department. An analysis of the most recent evidence on therapeutic options is provided, while addressing barriers to use.

Emerg Med Pract (Emergency medicine practice)
[2022, 24(10):1-24]

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