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[Sexual and reproductive health effects of mainstream pornography use in adolescents.]

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Óscar Román García, Amaia Bacigalupe, Cristina Vaamonde García,

The viewing of mainstream pornography can in some situations be detrimental to the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents. This consumption generates gender inequalities by distorting the image of women. The aim of this study was to review the existing literature on the effects of mainstream pornography use on sexual and reproductive health in adolescents and university students. A scoping review was conducted to examine the existing literature on the sexual and reproductive health effects of mainstream pornography use in adolescents and college students. The purpose of this review is to explore the evidence on this topic by assessing a wide range of articles and study designs. The proposed scoping review has been conducted in accordance with the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology (JBI). We identified 14 studies showing that mainstream pornography consumption may have a short- and long-term impact on adolescent sexual health. Adolescent exposure to a sexualized media environment is associated with stronger beliefs that females are sexual objects. Pornography viewing influences adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The sexual misrepresentation of women caused by viewing mainstream pornographic material is a serious problem that can increase gender inequality. Mainstream pornography should be addressed in sexual education programs in schools, as well as in the different Public Health institutions.

Rev Esp Salud Publica (Revista espanola de salud publica)
[2021, 95:e202108102]

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