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[Infections of the spine : Pyogenic spondylodiscitis and implant-associated vertebral osteomyelitis].

PMID: 33970304 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1007/s00113-021-01002-w (read at publisher's website )

Siegmund Lang, Markus Rupp, Frank Hanses, Carsten Neumann, Markus Loibl, Volker Alt,

Pyogenic (unspecific) spondylodiscitis and implant-associated vertebral osteomyelitis (IAVO) are important diseases with the risk of neurological and septic complications. An early diagnosis is essential in which magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), histopathology and microbiological identification of the pathogen play key roles. The goals of conservative treatment in uncomplicated spondylodiscitis are antibiotic infection control and pain management. In the case of sepsis, neurological deficits, segmental instability or epidural abscesses surgical treatment of the infection with stabilization of the spine should be considered. In IAVO the formation of a mature biofilm represents the transition from acute to chronic infection. Acute infections can be treated by extensive debridement in combination with biofilm-active antibiotic treatment while retaining the implant. In chronic infections implant removal or exchange in combination with several weeks of antibiotic treatment is often necessary.

Unfallchirurg (Der Unfallchirurg)
[2021, 124(6):489-504]

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