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Neuroscience: The New English Major?

PMID: 33754906 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1177/10738584211003992 (read at publisher's website )

Kristin F Phillips, Harald Sontheimer,

Once strictly the domain of medical and graduate education, neuroscience has made its way into the undergraduate curriculum with over 230 colleges and universities now offering a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. The disciplinary focus on the brain teaches students to apply science to the understanding of human behavior, human interactions, sensation, emotions, and decision making. In this article, we encourage new and existing undergraduate neuroscience programs to envision neuroscience as a broad discipline with the potential to develop competencies suitable for a variety of careers that reach well beyond research and medicine. This article describes our philosophy and illustrates a broad-based undergraduate degree in neuroscience implemented at a major state university, Virginia Tech. We highlight the fact that the research-centered Experimental Neuroscience major is least popular of our four distinct majors, which underscores our philosophy that undergraduate neuroscience can cater to a different audience than traditionally thought.

Neuroscientist (The Neuroscientist : a review journal bringing neurobiology, neurology and psychiatry)
[2021, :10738584211003992]

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