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Impact of chemotherapeutic effects on the pathophysiology of the arterial wall - insights from peripheral arterial disease.

PMID: 33140700 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1024/0301-1526/a000923 (read at publisher's website )

Christoph Lange, Njeri Ngare, Philipp Hillmeister, Peter Bramlage, Ralf Langhoff, Ivo Buschmann,

Systemic antineoplastic treatment agents represent one of the fastest developing medical fields. Oncological treatment is becoming increasingly individualized and new targets with corresponding agents, are constantly being developed. In tandem with this progress, new combinations and algorithms have evolved and patient's outcome have improved. Expanding tumors rely on a growing neovascular network to maintain their increased metabolism, which is caused by an accelerated reproduction rate. Accordingly, interrupting this supply mechanism is a major component of antineoplastic pharmaceutics and is a hallmark of cancer treatment. With advances in cancer treatment, long-term side effects have become an important consideration, especially in cases of neoplasia in young patients. While neuropathy and cardiotoxicity are well documented, vascular adverse events remain poorly understood. The mutual risk factors, like smoking and increased age, complicate the association between the vascular pathology and the earlier antineoplastic therapy. A deeper understanding of the effects of chemotherapy on peripheral arterial disease could lead to more detailed pathophysiological insight into both maladies and to new treatment options.

Vasa (VASA. Zeitschrift fur Gefasskrankheiten)
[2021, 50(4):265-269]

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