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A randomized, double-blind, dose-ranging, pilot trial of piperine with resveratrol on the effects on serum levels of resveratrol.

PMID: 32868637 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1097/cej.0000000000000621 (read at publisher's website )

Howard H Bailey, Jeremy J Johnson, Taja Lozar, Cameron O Scarlett, Barbara W Wollmer, KyungMann Kim, Thomas Havinghurst, Nihal Ahmad,

Resveratrol (3,4,5-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring phytoalexin with purported health-promoting effects, but with limited oral bioavailability. Our prior murine modeling research observed enhanced resveratrol bioavailability with piperine co-administration. In this study, single-dose pharmacokinetics of resveratrol with or without piperine and the associated toxicities were studied on a cohort of healthy volunteers. We performed a double-blind, randomized, three-arm pilot study. Participants were randomized to receive a single dose of resveratrol 2.5 g, with piperine in 0 mg, 5 mg, or 25 mg dose. An improved liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry assay was used to determine serum levels of resveratrol and resveratrol-glucuronide. Baseline through 24 h post-study drug serum analyses were performed and adverse events were followed for 30 days. Twenty-four participants were enroled. No significant relationship between dose and pharmacokinetic values were found. In the sex stratified analysis, Cmax for resveratrol in women showed a trend (P = 0.057) toward an increase with piperine. Pharmacokinetic values for resveratrol were: Cmax - 18.5 ± 16 ng/mL resveratrol alone, 29 ± 29 resveratrol + 5 mg piperine, 16 ± 13 resveratrol + 25 mg piperine; area under the concentration × time curve - 1270 ± 852 ng/h/mL resveratrol alone, 2083 ± 2284 resveratrol + 5 mg piperine, 1132 ± 222 resveratrol + 25 mg piperine. All subjects tolerated their protocol therapy with minimal to no toxicity and no evidence of differences between the three groups. The co-administration of resveratrol with piperine at 5 and 25 mg doses did not sufficiently alter the pharmacokinetics of resveratrol or resveratrol-glucuronide to demonstrate the significant enhancement observed in murine modeling.

Eur J Cancer Prev (European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP))
[2021, 30(3):285-290]

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