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Prognostic Importance of Pathological Fractures in Osteosarcomas.

PMID: 32311251 (view PubMed database entry)

G A Sheridan, L Mellon, E M Thompson, G M O'Kane, G C O'Toole,

Aims To investigate whether pathological fractures impact on osteosarcoma patient prognosis in Ireland. Methods This was a retrospective study over 22 years in a National Orthopaedic Oncology Centre. There were 117 nonfracture cases and 15 fracture cases. Outcome measures included 5 and 10 year event-free (EFS) and overall survival (OS). Kaplan-Meier curves assessed length of survival and time to death. Results Pathological fracture has no significant effect on 10 year EFS or 10 year OS. 3 factors strongly associate with 10 year OS rates: American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) classification (p<0.001), Metastases site (p<0.001) and Distant recurrence (p<0.001). Fractures had poorer post-chemotherapeutic necrosis rates (p=0.005). Conclusion Pathological fractures have no significant effect on survival rates or length of survival in an Irish population. The effect of pathological fractures on necrosis rates must be explored in future research.

Ir Med J (Irish medical journal)
[2020, 112(10):1021]

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