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How to … do mixed-methods research.

PMID: 32092789 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1111/tct.13145 (read at publisher's website )
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Anu Kajamaa, Karen Mattick, Anne de la Croix,

As a clinician, you will often combine patients' narratives with test results in order to obtain a coherent picture and then decide on a way forward. As an educator, you are also likely to combine different information from your learners to arrive at the best feedback, judgement or supervision plan. This is what researchers do when undertaking mixed-methods research: qualitative and quantitative data are typically brought together to provide different insights than could be achieved with a single type of data and analysis. Mixed-methods research has much to offer the clinical teacher but may involve more complex study designs than other types of research. Therefore, this article aims to highlight the different designs of mixed-methods research, and the opportunities and challenges that it provides, in order to support researchers who may be undertaking their first mixed-methods research study.

Clin Teach (The clinical teacher)
[2020, 17(3):267-271]

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