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Replacing hospital-based epilepsy clinics with rural epilepsy clinics and education in Uganda: impact on attendance.

PMID: 30477407 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1080/20469047.2018.1544803 (read at publisher's website )

Christopher Harris, Bwambale George, Unity Harris, Mary Munyagwa, Anne Greenough,

<b>Background</b>: A high proportion of the Ugandan population with epilepsy receive no treatment. <b>Aim</b>: To determine whether introduction of an agreed multidisciplinary guideline and establishment of a local clinic outside the hospital and four rural satellite clinics improved attendance and follow-up by children with epilepsy in Western Uganda. <b>Methods</b>: A multidisciplinary team from Kagando Hospital, Kasese, south-west Uganda created a guideline for the management of epilepsy. A clinic local to the hospital and rural satellite clinics were established.Attendance and follow-up were audited for three months before the intervention. Attendance, follow-up and the cost of the hospital, local and rural clinics were audited 6 months and 5 years post intervention. <b>Results</b>: Pre-intervention, one patient a month attended the free Kagando Hospital epilepsy clinic. Post-intervention, a median of eight patients (range 2-12) attended the local clinic and 100% attended booked follow-up appointments; the cost per clinic was £15 (£1.88 per patient, range 1.25-7.50). A median of 42 (range 15-56) patients per clinic attended the rural clinics and 70% of patients attended follow-up appointments; the cost per clinic was £34 (£0.81 per patient, range 0.61-2.23). Rural clinic attendance was higher than in the hospital clinic (<i>p</i> = 0.007) and in the local clinic (<i>p</i> = 0.004). Five years post-intervention, the attendance was 44 patients (range 25-85) per rural clinic and the cost per clinic was £34. <b>Conclusions</b>: Rural epilepsy clinics were associated with higher attendance than the hospital or local clinic and the attendance rate remained higher 5 years post-intervention.

Paediatr Int Child Health (Paediatrics and international child health)
[2019, 39(2):128-131]

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