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[Advances in Application of Rabies Immunoglobulin].

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Weichen Wu, Jingxia Luo, Weixian Liang, Jianghong Yan, Wuyang Zhu, Xinjun Lv,

China has the second highest number of rabies cases worldwide. There are millions of category III rabies exposure cases in China every year, which are treated with rabies immunoglobulin(RIG)and the rabies vaccine. The price of RIG is relatively expensive, and the application of RIG is relatively complicated. The rate of RIG use in post exposure prophylaxis(PEP)for rabies exposure category Ⅲ cases has remained low for a significant amount of time. Reducing the dosage of RIG could reduce the cost of PEP, while simplifying the use of RIG could make PEP easier. Together, these steps could improve the rate of RIG utilization in PEP. There are conflicting conclusions in studies of RIG on the immune effects of the rabies vaccine.Exploring the mechanism of action of RIG in the immune response to the rabies vaccine would help to explain the role of RIG in the immune effects mediated by the rabies vaccine. In this paper, the progress of research on the application of RIG is systematically reviewed in order to provide a reference for the formulation of new and more practical guidelines for the application of RIG.

Bing Du Xue Bao (Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology)
[2016, 32(5):666-670]

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