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Unusual planned complex suicide committed with a muzzle-loading pistol in combination with subsequent hanging.

PMID: 29465869 (view PubMed database entry)

Benjamin Ondruschka, Sylvia Morgenthal, Jan Dreβler, Ronny Bayer,

In Germany, suicides by firearms are not very common in contrast to deaths by hanging and intoxications. The use of historical muzzle-loading firearms in the context of suicides is a rarity. Contact shots from muzzle loaders cause an unusual wound morphology with extensive soot soiling. We report the case of a 59-year-old man, who committed a planned complex suicide by shooting into his mouth with a replica percussion gun in combination with hanging. The gunshot injury showed strong explosive effects in the oral cavity with fractures of the facial bones and the skull associated with cerebral evisceration (so-called Krönlein shot). Due to the special constellation of the case with hanging immediately after the shot, external bleeding from the head injuries was only moderate. Therefore, the head injuries could be assessed and partially reconstructed already at the scene.

Arch Kriminol (Archiv fur Kriminologie)
[2016, 238(5-6):207-217]

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