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Frequency and risk of metabolic syndrome in prediabetics versus normal glucose tolerant subjects -- a comparative study.

PMID: 26028383 (view PubMed database entry)

Shahid Ahsan, Syed Danish Haseen Ahmed, Shah Nawaz Jamali, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Saiful Haque, Rashida Qasim,

To compare the frequency and risk of metabolic syndrome in pre-diabetics against normal glucose-tolerant subjects attending diabetes screening camps in an urban centre.The cross-sectional study was carried out at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, from January to August, 2008, and comprised subjects recruited through diabetes screening camps. They were >30 years of age, without prior history of diabetes and were screened through fasting plasma glucose and 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test. Demographic, anthropometric, clinical and biochemical measurements were done. Frequency of different components and their constellation as metabolic syndrome were determined according to the Adult Treatment Panel-III criteria. Relative risk was estimated to find the risk of metabolic syndrome in pre-diabetics versus normal glucose-tolerant subjects.The study sample comprised 80 subjects; 40(50%) normal glucose-tolerant in Group A and 40(50%) pre-diabetics in Group B. In Group A, there were 25(62.5%) men and 15(37.5%) women, while Group B had 22(55%) men and 18(45%) women. The mean age in Group A was 38.08±5.35 years, while in Group B it was 39.09±6.12 years. The frequency of various cardiovascular risk factors was higher in pre-diabetics (p< 0.05). Central obesity was the most prevalent risk factor (85%, CI: 75.74-96.06), followed by low levels of high density lipoprotein (82.5%, CI: 72.64-94.27), raised triglycerides (67.5%, CI: 55.35-82.01), hypertension (57.5%, CI: 44.68-72.82), and fasting plasma glucose >100mg/dl (42.5%, CI: 29.68-57.82). Metabolic syndrome was found in 23(57.5%) in Group B compared to 9(22.5%) Group B, according to Adult Treatment Panel-III criteria. Calculated relative risk indicated that Group B was 1.9 times more prone to be suffering from metabolic syndrome compared to Group A.Pre-diabetics were more prone to developing cardiovascular disorders than normal glucose-tolerant subjects.

J Pak Med Assoc (JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association)
[2015, 65(5):496-500]

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