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To study the efficacy of Losartan on urinary uric acid excretion in Thiazide induced hyperuricemic and hypertensive patients.

PMID: 21959825 (view PubMed database entry)

Moosa Khan, Rafeeq Alam Khan, Farida Islam, Jamil Laghari, Shah Nawaz Jamali,

The precise relationship of Hyperuricemia found in hypertensive patients is still obscure; this study is a urinary uric acid lowering intervention with Losartan in hypertensive patients induced by Thiazide diuretics. A number of pharmacological agents like loop diuretics, similarly low doses of aspirin (<3g daily) aggravate Hyperuricemia. The effect of Losartan on urinary uric acid excretion In Hypertensive patients with Thiazide induced Hyperuricemia were investigated in the Department of pharmacology and therapeutics, Basic Medical Sciences Institute Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi. It was randomized, open label, prospective, comparative study. Total 60 hypertensive Hyperuricemic patients were enrolled one by one in this study, selected from medical OPD and wards of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. Patients were divided in three groups. Group-1 patients were treated with Thiazide 50 mg/day, Group-2 with Losartan + Thiazide 50 mg/day, and Group-3 with Losartan 50 mg/day. The effect on urinary uric acid level was measured, after every fortnightly. Treatment with Thiazide + Losartan group and Losartan group showed significantly increase in urinary uric acid excretion. Whereas, Thiazide group decrease in urinary uric acid level. In contrast to Thiazide and Losartan alone Thiazide + Losartan led to a greater increased in urinary uric acid excretion. The average percentage increase in urinary uric acid excretion in Thiazide + Losartan group was -13.27% and the average percentage increased in urinary uric acid excretion was 6.7% in Losartan group. Thus it can be concluded from the present study that urinary uric acid excretion was more increased in combination therapies. Ultimately Losartan decrease serum uric acid level and uricosuric effect of Losartan might be particularly useful in Hyperuricemic patients those on Thiazide diuretic (for hypertension and heart failure).

Pak J Pharm Sci (Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences)
[2011, 24(4):583-587]

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