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The Wisconsin Network for Health Research (WiNHR): a statewide, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, research group.

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Howard Bailey, William Agger, Dennis Baumgardner, James K Burmester, Ron A Cisler, Jennifer Evertsen, Ingrid Glurich, David Hartman, Steven H Yale, David DeMets,

In response to the goals of the Wisconsin Partnership Program and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Initiatives to Improve Healthcare, the Wisconsin Network for Health Research (WiNHR) was formed. As a collaborative, multi-disciplinary statewide research network, WiNHR encourages and fosters the discovery and application of scientific knowledge for researchers and practitioners throughout Wisconsin. The 4 founding institutions--Aurora Health Care/Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH), Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison--representing geographically diverse areas of the state, are optimistic and committed to WiNHR's success. This optimism is based on the relevance of its goals to public health, the quality of statewide health care research, and, most importantly, the residents of Wisconsin who recognize the value of health research.

WMJ (WMJ : official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin)
[2009, 108(9):453-458]

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