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Facilitating critical thinking.

PMID: 11013519 (view PubMed database entry)
DOI: 10.1097/00124645-200001000-00005 (read at publisher's website )

R I Hansten, M J Washburn,

Supporting staff to think effectively is essential to improve clinical systems, decrease errors and sentinel events, and engage staff involvement to refine patient care systems in readiness for new care-delivery models that truly reflect the valued role of the RN. The authors explore practical methods, based on current research and national consulting experience, to facilitate the development of mature critical thinking skills. Assessment tools, a sample agenda for formal presentations, and teaching strategies using behavioral examples that make the important and necessary link of theory to reality are discussed in the form of a critical thinking test as well as a conceptual model for application in problem solving.

J Nurses Staff Dev (Journal for nurses in staff development : JNSD : official journal of the National Nursing Staff Development Organization)
[2000, 16(1):23-30]

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