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Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure: Effects On Child Development – A Systematic Review.
by: Harst L, Deckert S, Haarig F, Reichert J, Dinger J, Hellmund P, Schmitt J, Rüdiger M. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

[Incidentaloma Cardiaco En Tiempos De COVID-19: Divertículo Ventricular].
by: Urmeneta-Ulloa J, Cabrera JA, Álvarez-Vázquez A, Merino-Lanza E, Martínez De Vega V. in Arch Cardiol Mex

Medical Advice For Travelers.
by: Wendt S, Beier D, Paquet D, Trawinski H, Fuchs A, Lübbert C. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

[Haz Muscular Apicobasal Del Ventrículo Izquierdo, ¿un Marcador De Miocardiopatía Hipertrófica?]
by: Preciado-Gutiérrez ÓU, Preciado-Anaya A, Ortiz-Velázquez J, Alemán-Villalobos R, Barajas-Martínez H. in Arch Cardiol Mex

by: Çalişkan S, Yıldız Z. in Retina

In Response.
by: Chow JH, Mazzeffi MA. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Choquet O, Capdevila X. in Anesth Analg

The Scientific Principles Of Multimodal Monitoring Technique For Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Evidence Toward A New Beginning?
by: Ip VHY, Sondekoppam RV, Tsui BCH. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Qin CX, Frank SM, Bembea MM. in Anesth Analg

Blood Products During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: Why And How To Use?
by: Jin Y, Liu J. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Zarbock A, Saadat-Gilani K, Meersch M. in Anesth Analg

Consider Urinary Creatinine Clearance For Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury Management.
by: Schmitt J, Danguy Des Deserts M, Radavidson A, Giacardi C. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Pancaro C, Kheterpal S, Lirk P. in Anesth Analg

Administering Norepinephrine Peripherally Is Safe, As Long As There Is No IV Extravasation.
by: Richardson CP, Noonan MA, McHughs SM. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Grant MC. in Anesth Analg

Cardiac ERAS Studies: Importance Of Blinding.
by: Markham TH, Liang Y, Zaki JF. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Burbridge MA. in Anesth Analg

Intraoperative Anaphylaxis: Definition Determines Detection.
by: Clark MG, Schaffer AJ, Freundlich RE. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Barends CRM, Absalom AR. in Anesth Analg

Sedation Safety And Satisfaction.
by: Nielsen JR. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Myrberg T. in Anesth Analg

The Future Within Reach.
by: Kopanczyk R, Bhatt AM, Al-Qudsi OH. in Anesth Analg

In Response.
by: Rezaiguia-Delclaux S, Stéphan F. in Anesth Analg

Neuromuscular Blocking Agents In The ICU: Why Work Blindfolded?
by: Rosboch GL, Ceraolo E, Balzani E, Brazzi L. in Anesth Analg

Brown's Atlas Of Regional Anesthesia, 6th Ed.
by: Radke OC. in Anesth Analg


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