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Options For Curative Treatment Of Localized Prostate Cancer.
by: Knipper S, Ott S, Schlemmer HP, Grimm MO, Graefen M, Wiegel T. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Clinical Practice Guideline: Anal Cancer—Diagnosis, Treatment And Follow-up
by: Siegel R, Werner RN, Koswig S, Gaskins M, Rödel C, Aigner F. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

by: in Int J Gynaecol Obstet

Contemporary Issues In Women's Health.
by: Geary M, Chibwesha C, Stringer E. in Int J Gynaecol Obstet

Pertussis, MMR, And The COVID-19 Vaccine: Lessons Not Learned.
by: Ganesan V. in Dev Med Child Neurol

The International Classification Of Functioning, Disability And Health: The First 20 Years.
by: Cieza A, Kostansjek N. in Dev Med Child Neurol

Reply To Vassallo Et Al., Triage Score Needs A Careful Methodological Evaluation.
by: James A, Riou B, Raux M. in Eur J Emerg Med

Reply To: Assessment Of The Mass Casualty Triage During The November 2015 Paris Area Terrorist Attacks: Towards A Simple Triage Rule.
by: Vassallo J, Smith J. in Eur J Emerg Med

Stratifying Pulmonary Embolism Risk In COVID-19 Pneumonia In The Emergency Department: The Bergamo Emergency Room Pulmonary Embolism Risk In COVID-19 Score - A Pilot Study.
by: Marra A, Zanardi F, Marchetti M, Rosti V, Margutti E, Falanga A, Cosentini R. in Eur J Emerg Med

Gender Disparity In Emergency Medicine Authorship.
by: Feral-Pierssens AL, Avondo AA, De Stefano C, Deltour S, Lapostolle F. in Eur J Emerg Med

BRASH Syndrome - Fact Or Fiction? A First Analysis Of The Prevalence And Relevance Of A Newly Described Syndrome.
by: Ravioli S, Woitok BK, Lindner G. in Eur J Emerg Med

Added Value Of Cerebrospinal Fluid Spectrophotometry Associated With Computed Tomography Angiogram For Suspected Subarachnoid Hemorrhage In The Emergency Department.
by: Hellio G, Javaudin F, Le Bastard Q, Bigot E, Desal H, Montassier E, Batard E. in Eur J Emerg Med

Combination Of Lung Ultrasound To Standard Evaluation In Patients With Suspected COVID-19 Presenting To The Emergency Department: Development Of A Composite Score (EchoVID Score) For Prediction Of Day-2 Respiratory Failure.
by: Le Bastard Q, Javaudin F, Perrier C, Carrie E, Obellianne JB, Pes P, Legrand A, Petrovic T, Le Conte P. in Eur J Emerg Med

Impact Of Pregabalin Co-use In Patients Presenting With Acute Heroin Toxicity To The European Drug Emergencies Network Plus Project.
by: Leaper C, Dines AM, Dargan PI, Yates C, Hovda KE, Heyerdahl F, Giraudon I, Wood DM, Euro-DEN Plus Research group. in Eur J Emerg Med

Age Is Just A Number: How Should We Triage Old Patients In The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic?
by: Guidet B, Flaatten H, Leaver SK. in Eur J Emerg Med

A Cognitive Science Approach To Bioethics.
by: Rosenberg N. in Eur J Emerg Med

Caring In A Time Of COVID: The Vaccine Of Virtue.
by: Larkin GL. in Eur J Emerg Med

Perspectives: Just Triage.
by: Cattermole GN. in Eur J Emerg Med

Integrity And Humility Facing The Unexpected.
by: Freund Y. in Eur J Emerg Med

Hydroxynorketamines: Pharmacology And Potential Therapeutic Applications.
by: Highland JN, Zanos P, Riggs LM, Georgiou P, Clark SM, Morris PJ, Moaddel R, Thomas CJ, Zarate CA, Pereira EFR, Gould TD. in Pharmacol Rev

Correction: British Society Of Gastroenterology Consensus Guidelines On The Management Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Adults.
by: in Gut

Lower Extremity Reconstruction For Limb Salvage And Functional Restoration - The Combat Experience.
by: McCulloch I, Valerio I. in Clin Plast Surg

The Optimal Timing Of Traumatic Lower Extremity Reconstruction: Current Consensus.
by: Lee ZH, Stranix JT, Levine JP. in Clin Plast Surg

Propeller Flaps In Lower Extremity Reconstruction.
by: Blough JT, Saint-Cyr MH. in Clin Plast Surg

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy In Patients With Heart Failure: What Is New?
by: Palmiero G, Florio MT, Rubino M, Nesti M, Marchel M, Russo V. in Heart Fail Clin


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