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Biomechanical Behavior Of Three Different Types Of Internal Tapered Connections After Cyclic And Static Loading Tests: Experimental In Vitro.
by: de Moura MB, Loureiro KRT, Lima LB, Felippi C, Júnior PCS. in Int J Implant Dent

Are There Subtle Differences In The Way Clinicians Talk To Patients Related To Patients' Race Or Ethnicity?
by: Finset A. in Patient Educ Couns

Epicardial Ablation Complications.
by: Tarantino N, Della Rocca DG, Faggioni M, Zhang XD, Mohanty S, Anannab A, Canpolat U, Ayhan H, Bassiouny M, Sahore A, Aytemir K, Sarcon A, Forleo GB, Lavalle C, Horton RP, Trivedi C, Al-Ahmad A, Romero J, Burkhardt DJ, Gallinghouse JG, Di Biase L, Natale A. in Card Electrophysiol Clin

Epicardial Ablation Biophysics And Novel Radiofrequency Energy Delivery Techniques.
by: Debenham R, Tzou WS. in Card Electrophysiol Clin

Perioperative Imaging To Guide Epicardial Mapping And Ablation.
by: Restrepo AJ, Dickfeld TM. in Card Electrophysiol Clin

Opioids And The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal (HPG) Axis.
by: Wehbeh L, Dobs AS. in J Clin Endocrinol Metab

Evolving Models For Assembling And Shaping Clathrin-coated Pits.
by: Chen Z, Schmid SL. in J Cell Biol

Coronavirus Disease 2019 In Patients With HIV In The Province Of Araba, Basque Country, Spain.
by: Molina-Iturritza E, San-José-Muñiz I, Ganchegui-Aguirre M, Balerdi-Sarasola L, Ortiz-de-Zárate-Ibarra Z, Gainzarain-Arana JC, Portu-Zapirain J. in AIDS

Coinfection Of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 And HIV In A Teaching Hospital: Still Much To Learn.
by: Sasset L, Di Meco E, Cavinato S, Cattelan AM. in AIDS

Human Papilloma Virus-related Cancers: MSM And Trans People Living With HIV Are Still Getting Left Behind.
by: Freer J. in AIDS

HIV-1 Acquisition In A Man With Ulcerative Colitis On Anti-α4β7 MAb Vedolizumab Treatment.
by: Gunst JD, Schleimann MH, Pahus MH, Østergaard L, Tolstrup M, Søgaard OS. in AIDS

Changes In Bone Microarchitecture With Abacavir--lamivudine Versus Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate--emtricitabine In Adults Living With HIV.
by: Bedimo RJ, Adams-Huet B, Nguyen V, Moore-Matthews D, Poindexter J, Maalouf NM. in AIDS

The Role Of Barriers To Care On The Propensity For Hepatitis C Virus Nonreferral Among People Living With HIV.
by: Cachay ER, Torriani FJ, Hill L, Jain S, Del Real A, Qin H, Martin N, Mathews WC. in AIDS

Internalized HIV Stigma Predicts Subsequent Viremia In US HIV Patients Through Depressive Symptoms And Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence.
by: Christopoulos KA, Neilands TB, Dilworth S, Lisha N, Sauceda J, Mugavero MJ, Crane HM, Fredericksen RJ, Mathews WC, Moore RD, Mayer KH, Napravnik S, Johnson MO. in AIDS

Monocyte Activation And Gut Barrier Dysfunction In South African Youth On Antiretroviral Therapy And Their Associations With Endothelial Dysfunction.
by: Dirajlal-Fargo S, Yu J, Albar Z, Sattar A, Mahtab S, Jao J, Myer L, Zar HJ, McComsey GA. in AIDS

Higher Frequencies Of Functional HIV-envelope-specific Memory B Cells Are Associated With Nonprogressive HIV Infection In Indian Population.
by: Dhande JR, Saikia K, Singh DP, Bagul RD, Kulkarni SS, Ghate MV, Thakar MR. in AIDS

Mental Rotation Ability And Spontaneous Brain Activity: A Magnetoencephalography Study.
by: Nishimura K, Aoki T, Inagawa M, Tobinaga Y, Iwaki S. in Neuroreport

Imaging Of The Mitral Valve: Role Of Echocardiography, Cardiac Magnetic Resonance, And Cardiac Computed Tomography.
by: Namazi F, Vo NM, Delgado V. in Curr Opin Cardiol

The Use Of Personal Protective Equipment In Clinical Ophthalmology During Corona Virus Disease-2019: A Review Of International Guidelines And Literature.
by: Tang SWK, Romano MR, Wong DHT, Montericcio A, Yip NKF, Montalbano C, Raimondi R, Li KKW. in Curr Opin Ophthalmol

Controversies In Artificial Intelligence.
by: Liu TYA, Bressler NM. in Curr Opin Ophthalmol

How Can We Evaluate Whether An Association Is Truly Inter-generational?
by: Usuzaki T, Ishikuro M, Murakami K, Noda A, Ueno F, Obara T, Kuriyama S. in J Hypertens

Meta-analysis In Hypertension: Simple Mathematics Are Always Welcome.
by: Thomopoulos C. in J Hypertens

by: Wohlfahrt P, Cífková R, Lánská V, Krajčoviechová A, Šulc P, Bruthans J, Linhart A, Filipovský J, Mayer O, Widimský J. in J Hypertens

Differences In Blood Pressure Among Three Measurement Techniques: Physiologic, Pathologic, Or Artificial?
by: Maniar P, Lo D, Visaria A. in J Hypertens

Association Between Hypertension And Pneumonia Caused By SARS-CoV-2 In Mexican Population.
by: Hernández-Vásquez A, Vargas-Fernández R, Bendezu-Quispe G. in J Hypertens


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