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Root Dentinal Microcracks - Absence Of Evidence Is Not Evidence Of Absence.
by: Zaslansky P, Prates Soares A, Shemesh H. in Int Endod J

Editor-in-Chief Thanks The Associate Editors, Editorial Board And Referees.
by: Dummer PMH. in Int Endod J

Root Dentinal Microcracks: A Post-extraction Experimental Phenomenon?
by: De-Deus G, Cavalcante DM, Belladonna FG, Carvalhal J, Souza EM, Lopes RT, Versiani MA, Silva EJNL, Dummer PMH. in Int Endod J

Long-Term Effects Of Fatherhood On Morphology, Energetics, And Exercise Performance In California Mice (Peromyscus Californicus).
by: Andrew JR, Garland T, Chappell MA, Zhao M, Horrell ND, Saltzman W. in Physiol Biochem Zool

Sex And Incubation Temperature Independently Affect Embryonic Development And Offspring Size In A Turtle With Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination.
by: Warner DA, Mitchell TS, Bodensteiner BL, Janzen FJ. in Physiol Biochem Zool

Plant Functioning In A Changing Global Atmosphere.
by: Tausz-Posch S, De Kok LJ. in Plant Biol (Stuttg)

Response To Comments On "Two-tailed Significance Tests For 2 × 2 Contingency Tables: What Is The Alternative?"
by: Prescott RJ. in Stat Med

Comments On "Adaptive Sample Size Modification In Clinical Trials: Start Small Then Ask For More?"
by: Pilz M, Kieser M, Kunzmann K. in Stat Med

by: in Acta Anaesthesiol Scand

Calendar Of Events.
by: in Acta Anaesthesiol Scand

Perpetual Hunger: The Neurobiological Consequences Of Long-Term Opioid Use.
by: Bommersbach T, Ross DA, De Aquino JP. in Biol Psychiatry

The Mesolimbic Dopamine System In Chronic Pain And Associated Affective Comorbidities.
by: Serafini RA, Pryce KD, Zachariou V. in Biol Psychiatry

Translating Opioid Pharmacology From Bench To Bedside, And Back.
by: Valentino RJ, Koroshetz W, Volkow ND. in Biol Psychiatry

Neurobiology Of The Opioid Epidemic: Basic And Translational Perspectives.
by: Valentino RJ, Koroshetz W, Volkow ND. in Biol Psychiatry

Sexuality In Muslim Women With Gynecological Cancer.
by: Serçekuş Ak P, Partlak Günüşen N, Göral Türkcü S, Özkan S. in Cancer Nurs

Effectiveness Of Tailored Rehabilitation Education In Improving The Health Literacy And Health Status Of Postoperative Patients With Breast Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
by: Huang SC, Kuo SF, Tsai PS, Tsai CY, Chen SS, Lin CY, Lin PC, Hou WH. in Cancer Nurs

Association Of Self-Leadership And Planning With Performing An Exercise In Patients With Colorectal Cancer: Cross-Sectional Study.
by: Lee MK, Park SY, Choi GS. in Cancer Nurs

Trajectories Of Depressed Mood And Anxiety During Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer.
by: Whisenant M, Wong B, Mitchell SA, Beck SL, Mooney K. in Cancer Nurs

Perspectives Of Chinese Cancer Patients Toward Disclosure Of Cancer Diagnosis To Their Minor Children.
by: Wang Q, Arber A, Shen A, Qiang W. in Cancer Nurs

Generation Of Antitumor Peptides By Connection Of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Peptide Inhibitor To An Endostatin Fragment: Erratum.
by: in Anticancer Drugs

A Rare Case Of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Choroidal Metastasis Responding To ALK Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors.
by: Scotti V, Perna M, Meacci F, Maragna V, Garlatti P, Vicini G, Pieretti G, Agresti B, Mazzini C, Livi L. in Anticancer Drugs

Right Heart Catheterization-Related Complications: A Review Of The Literature And Best Practices.
by: Chen Y, Shlofmitz E, Khalid N, Bernardo NL, Ben-Dor I, Weintraub WS, Waksman R. in Cardiol Rev

Care Of The Post-CABG Patient.
by: Collins D, Goldberg S. in Cardiol Rev

Beta Adrenergic Blocker Use In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease And Concurrent Chronic Heart Failure With A Low Ejection Fraction.
by: Mtisi TF, Frishman WH. in Cardiol Rev

Cardiovascular Sequelae Of Sickle Cell Disease.
by: Aujla A, Dutta D, Amar S, Frishman W, Lim SH. in Cardiol Rev


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