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Comparison Of Nonhuman Primates Identified The Suitable Model For COVID-19.
by: Lu S, Zhao Y, Yu W, Yang Y, Gao J, Wang J, Kuang D, Yang M, Yang J, Ma C, Xu J, Qian X, Li H, Zhao S, Li J, Wang H, Long H, Zhou J, Luo F, Ding K, Wu D, Zhang Y, Dong Y, Liu Y, Zheng Y, Lin X, Jiao L, Zheng H, Dai Q, Sun Q, Hu Y, Ke C, Liu H, Peng X. in Signal Transduct Target Ther

Pelvic Vein Embolization: An Assessment Of The Readability And Quality Of Online Information For Patients.
by: Lee RJ, O'Neill DC, Brassil M, Alderson J, Lee MJ. in CVIR Endovasc

Immediate Implant Placement In Molar Extraction Sockets: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis.
by: Ragucci GM, Elnayef B, Criado-Cámara E, Del Amo FS, Hernández-Alfaro F. in Int J Implant Dent

TAS-303 Effects On Urethral Sphincter Function In Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence: Phase I Study.
by: Yono M, Irie S, Gotoh M. in Int Urogynecol J

Clinical Feasibility And Benefits Of A Tapered, Sand-blasted, And Acid-etched Surfaced Tissue-level Dental Implant.
by: Sodnom-Ish B, Eo MY, Nguyen TTH, Kim MJ, Kim SM. in Int J Implant Dent

Inline Balloon-assisted Vascular Sheath Fragment Removal.
by: Jamshidi N, Chiang J. in CVIR Endovasc

Reproducibility Of AJCC Criteria For Classifying Deeply Invasive Colon Cancers Is Suboptimal For Consistent Cancer Staging.
by: Panarelli NC, Hammer STG, Lin J, Gopal P, Nalbantoglu I, Zhao L, Cheng J, Gersten AJ, McHugh JB, Parkash V, Lucas E, Westerhoff M. in Am J Surg Pathol

WPA Scientific Sections: A Strengthened Backbone For The 2020-2023 Triennium.
by: Schulze TG. in World Psychiatry

Supporting Psychological Well-being Around The Time Of Birth: What Can We Learn From Maternity Care?
by: Alderdice F. in World Psychiatry

Managing Dual Disorders: A Statement By The Informal Scientific Network, UN Commission On Narcotic Drugs.
by: Volkow ND, Torrens M, Poznyak V, Sáenz E, Busse A, Kashino W, Krupchanka D, Kestel D, Campello G, Gerra G. in World Psychiatry

Delivering On The Public Health Promise Of The Psychosis Risk Paradigm.
by: Cannon TD. in World Psychiatry

The Evolution Of Kraepelin's Nosological Principles.
by: Heckers S, Kendler KS. in World Psychiatry

Report On The WPA Action Plan At The End Of The Triennium 2017-2020.
by: Herrman H. in World Psychiatry

Pregnancy Specific Anxiety: An Under-recognized Problem.
by: Chandra PS, Nanjundaswamy MH. in World Psychiatry

Optimizing Personalized Management Of Depression: The Importance Of Real-world Contexts And The Need For A New Convergence Paradigm In Mental Health.
by: Reynolds CF. in World Psychiatry

Hikikomori: A Hidden Mental Health Need Following The COVID-19 Pandemic.
by: Rooksby M, Furuhashi T, McLeod HJ. in World Psychiatry

RDoC At 10: Changing The Discourse For Psychopathology.
by: Sanislow CA. in World Psychiatry

Perinatal Mental Health And The COVID-19 Pandemic.
by: Brown S. in World Psychiatry

What Is Global Mental Health?
by: Collins PY. in World Psychiatry

Alcohol And The Developing Adolescent Brain.
by: Squeglia LM. in World Psychiatry

Advances In Virtual Care For Perinatal Mental Disorders.
by: Vigod SN, Dennis CL. in World Psychiatry

The Clinical Characterization Of The Adult Patient With Depression Aimed At Personalization Of Management.
by: Maj M, Stein DJ, Parker G, Zimmerman M, Fava GA, De Hert M, Demyttenaere K, McIntyre RS, Widiger T, Wittchen HU. in World Psychiatry

A 16-year Follow-up Of Patients With Serious Mental Illness And Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder.
by: Drake RE, Xie H, McHugo GJ. in World Psychiatry

Paternal Perinatal Mental Disorders Are Inextricably Linked To Maternal And Child Morbidity.
by: Seedat S. in World Psychiatry

Smartphone Relapse Prediction In Serious Mental Illness: A Pathway Towards Personalized Preventive Care.
by: Torous J, Choudhury T, Barnett I, Keshavan M, Kane J. in World Psychiatry


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