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Ten-Year Evaluation Of The Population-Based Integrated Health Care System "Gesundes Kinzigtal".
by: Schubert I, Stelzer D, Siegel A, Köster I, Mehl C, Ihle P, Günster C, Dröge P, Klöss A, Farin-Glattacker E, Graf E, Geraedts M. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Monitoring Of Treatment For Arterial Hypertension—The Role Of Office, Home, And 24 H Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement.
by: Mengden T, Weisser B. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

The Effect Of The Lockdown On Patients With Myocardial Infarction During The COVID- 19 Pandemic-a Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis.
by: Baumhardt M, Dreyhaupt J, Winsauer C, Stuhler L, Thiessen K, Stephan T, Markovic S, Rottbauer W, Imhof A, Rattka M. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Time To Surgery And Outcome In The Treatment Of Proximal Femoral Fractures.
by: Leicht H, Gaertner T, Günster C, Halder AM, Hoffmann R, Jeschke E, Malzahn J, Tempka A, Zacher J. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Antithrombotic Treatment For Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease.
by: Hardung D, Behne A, Boral M, Giesche C, Langhoff R. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Of Swamps And Pandemics.
by: Sturtevant P. in Am J Nurs

But Where Are You Really From?
by: Lano A. in Am J Nurs

Nurses Promoting Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, And Sustainable Cities And Communities: Taking Action On COVID-19, Systemic Racism, And Climate Change.
by: Schenk EC, Potter TM, Cook C, Huffling K, Rosa WE. in Am J Nurs

Eliminating Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries Caused By Graduated Compression Stockings.
by: Siby T, Smith U, Shajimon A. in Am J Nurs

Deprescribing Is A Challenge For Clinicians And Patients.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Intermittent Auscultation Reduces Risk Of Emergency Cesarean Delivery.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Changes In Ed Use During The Pandemic.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Discontinuation Of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Is Possible In Some Cases.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Aggressive End-Of-Life Care For Ovarian Cancer Continues Despite Guideline Recommendations.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Team-Based Care Is Better For Chronic Disease Management.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Lower Risk Of Ischemic Stroke And Major Bleeding Events With Direct Oral Anticoagulants Vs. Warfarin.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Crisis Standards Of Care.
by: Brous E. in Am J Nurs

Maternity Nursing Stops Too Soon.
by: Todd B. in Am J Nurs

Working The COVID-testing Tent.
by: West B. in Am J Nurs

Pembrolizumab Approved For Esophageal Or Gastroesophageal Cancer.
by: Aschenbrenner DS. in Am J Nurs

New Indication For Rilonacept.
by: Aschenbrenner DS. in Am J Nurs

Abuse Or Misuse Of OTC Decongestant Produces Serious Adverse Effects.
by: Aschenbrenner DS. in Am J Nurs

AJN On The Web.
by: in Am J Nurs

AJN On The Cover.
by: Szulecki D. in Am J Nurs

The Robots Are Coming.
by: Fauteux N. in Am J Nurs


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