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European Society Of Endodontology: Abstracts From The Biennial Congress 2019, 11-14 September 2019, Austria Center Vienna, Austria.
by: in Int Endod J

Issue Highlights: November 2019.
by: in Muscle Nerve

All For One.
by: Albuquerque FC. in J Neurointerv Surg

Clinical Practice Improvement: Mind The Gap Or Fall Into The Chasm.
by: Schwann NM, Engstrom RH, Shernan SK, Bollen BA. in J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth

Identifying Fraction Measures As Screeners Of Mathematics Risk Status.
by: Rodrigues J, Jordan NC, Hansen N. in J Learn Disabil

Upcoming Events Of Interest.
by: in Pediatr Pulmonol

Opportunities And Challenges For Implementing Genomics Into Clinical Care.
by: in Am J Med Genet A

Harnessing The Diagnostic Power Of Genomic Technology: Genomic Technology May Shed Years Off The Diagnostic Process.
by: in Am J Med Genet A

Cancer Survivors Experience Extensive Chronic Pain.
by: Printz C. in Cancer

First Person Profile: Supriya G. Mohile, MD, MS: A Respected Geriatric Oncologist, Dr. Mohile Has Conducted Innovative Research On Improving Care For Older Patients With Cancer.
by: Printz C. in Cancer

Survey Of US Gynecologic Oncologists Finds That Approximately 64% Have Experienced Sexual Harassment.
by: Printz C. in Cancer

Congenital Prepubic Urachal-cutaneous Fistula.
by: Vukadin M, Savic D, Milickovic M, Vlahovic A. in Turk J Urol

Modified Makuuchi Incision In The Surgical Treatment Of Renal Tumors: Initial Results.
by: Polat F, Atan A, Yeşil S, Dikmen K, Ünsal A. in Turk J Urol

Role Of Early Povidone Iodine Instillation In Post-renal Transplant Lymphorrhea: A Prospective Randomized Study.
by: Sureka SK, Yadav P, Singh UP, Lal H, Kapoor R, Ansari MS, Srivastava A. in Turk J Urol

Gas (Oxygen) Insufflation: A New Technique For The Visualization Of The Operative Field During Hypospadias Surgery.
by: Demir S, Gül A. in Turk J Urol

Description Of A Novel Method For Renal Puncture In Supine Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy And Comparison With A Previously Described Method.
by: Gökce Mİ, Gülpınar Ö, Akpınar Ç, Tangal S, Süer E, Göğüş Ç, Yaman Ö. in Turk J Urol

Can Magnitip Double-J Stent Serve As A Substitute For A Standard Double-J Stent?
by: Farouk A, Tawfick A, Hasan M, Abuftira AA, Maged WA. in Turk J Urol

A Comparative Study Between The Outcomes Of Visual Internal Urethrotomy For Short Segment Anterior Urethral Strictures Done Under Spinal Anesthesia And Local Anesthesia.
by: Das SK, Jana D, Ghosh B, Pal DK. in Turk J Urol

The Role And Effect Of FDG-PET/CT On Patient Management And Restaging Of Bladder Carcinoma.
by: Güney İB, Küçüker KA, İzol V, Kibar M. in Turk J Urol

Comparison Of Surgical, Oncological, And Functional Outcomes Of Robot-assisted And Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy In Patients With Prostate Cancer.
by: İnkaya A, Tahra A, Sobay R, Kumcu A, Küçük EV, Boylu U. in Turk J Urol

Cues For Word-learning During Shared Book-reading And Guided Play In Preschool.
by: Hadley EB, Dickinson DK. in J Child Lang

Learning To Construct Sentences In Spanish: A Replication Of The Weird Word Order Technique.
by: Aguado-Orea J, Witherstone H, Bourgeois L, Baselga A. in J Child Lang

The Cross-linguistic Performance Of Word Segmentation Models Over Time.
by: Caines A, Altmann-Richer E, Buttery P. in J Child Lang

Genomics Of Early Cardiac Dysfunction And Mortality In Obese Drosophila Melanogaster.
by: Kezos JN, Phillips MA, Thomas MD, Ewunkem AJ, Rutledge GA, Barter TT, Santos MA, Wong BD, Arnold KR, Humphrey LA, Yan A, Nouzille C, Sanchez I, Cabral LG, Bradley TJ, Mueller LD, Graves JL, Rose MR. in Physiol Biochem Zool

Methodological Considerations For Potential Improvement Of This Study.
by: Meyers HP, Smith SW. in Heart


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