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Facility-Associated Release Of Polioviruses Into Communities-Risks For The Posteradication Era.
by: Bandyopadhyay AS, Singh H, Fournier-Caruana J, Modlin JF, Wenger J, Partridge J, Sutter RW, Zaffran MJ. in Emerg Infect Dis

Outbreak Of African Swine Fever, Vietnam, 2019.
by: Le VP, Jeong DG, Yoon SW, Kwon HM, Trinh TBN, Nguyen TL, Bui TTN, Oh J, Kim JB, Cheong KM, Van Tuyen N, Bae E, Vu TTH, Yeom M, Na W, Song D. in Emerg Infect Dis

Increased Threat Of Urban Malaria From Anopheles Stephensi Mosquitoes, Africa.
by: Takken W, Lindsay S. in Emerg Infect Dis

Whole-Blood Testing For Diagnosis Of Acute Zika Virus Infections In Routine Diagnostic Setting.
by: Voermans JJC, Pas SD, van der Linden A, GeurtsvanKessel C, Koopmans M, van der Eijk A, Reusken CBEM. in Emerg Infect Dis

Dengue Outbreak During Ongoing Civil War, Taiz, Yemen.
by: Alghazali KA, Teoh BT, Loong SK, Sam SS, Che-Mat-Seri NA, Samsudin NI, Yaacob CN, Azizan NS, Oo A, Baharudin NA, Tan KK, Abd-Jamil J, Nor'e SS, Khor CS, Johari J, Mahdy MAK, AbuBakar S. in Emerg Infect Dis

Identification Of Internationally Disseminated Ceftriaxone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Strain FC428, China.
by: Chen SC, Han Y, Yuan LF, Zhu XY, Yin YP. in Emerg Infect Dis

by: in N Engl J Med

by: in N Engl J Med

Echinococcus Canadensis G8 Tapeworm Infection In A Sheep, China, 2018.
by: Hua R, Xie Y, Song H, Shi Y, Zhan J, Wu M, Gu X, Peng X, Yang G. in Emerg Infect Dis

Low-Grade Endemicity Of Opisthorchiasis, Yangon, Myanmar.
by: Sohn WM, Jung BK, Hong SJ, Lee KH, Park JB, Kim HS, Cho S, Htoon TT, Tin HH, Chai JY. in Emerg Infect Dis

Zoonotic Bacteria In Fleas Parasitizing Common Voles, Northwestern Spain.
by: Rodríguez-Pastor R, Mougeot F, Vidal MD, Jado I, González-Martín-Niño RM, Escudero R, Luque-Larena JJ. in Emerg Infect Dis

Nontoxigenic Corynebacterium Diphtheriae Infections, Europe.
by: Zasada AA, Rzeczkowska M. in Emerg Infect Dis

Ethical Considerations For Movement Mapping To Identify Disease Transmission Hotspots.
by: de Jong BC, Gaye BM, Luyten J, van Buitenen B, André E, Meehan CJ, O'Siochain C, Tomsu K, Urbain J, Grietens KP, Njue M, Pinxten W, Gehre F, Nyan O, Buvé A, Roca A, Ravinetto R, Antonio M. in Emerg Infect Dis

Disseminated Metacestode Versteria Species Infection In Woman, Pennsylvania, USA1.
by: Lehman B, Leal SM, Procop GW, O'Connell E, Shaik J, Nash TE, Nutman TB, Jones S, Braunthal S, Shah SN, Cruise MW, Mukhopadhyay S, Banzon J. in Emerg Infect Dis

Mycobacterium Bovis Infection In African Wild Dogs, Kruger National Park, South Africa.
by: Higgitt RL, Louis van Schalkwyk O, de Klerk-Lorist LM, Buss PE, Caldwell P, Rossouw L, Manamela T, Hausler GA, Hewlett J, Mitchell EP, van Helden PD, Parsons SDC, Miller MA. in Emerg Infect Dis

Racial/Ethnic Disparities In Antimicrobial Drug Use, United States, 2014-2015.
by: Thomas M, Whyler N, Tomlin A, Tilyard M. in Emerg Infect Dis

Recent Findings Of Potentially Lethal Salamander Fungus Batrachochytrium Salamandrivorans.
by: González DL, Baláž V, Solský M, Thumsová B, Kolenda K, Najbar A, Najbar B, Kautman M, Chajma P, Balogová M, Vojar J. in Emerg Infect Dis

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Genome In Tick From Migratory Bird, Italy.
by: Mancuso E, Toma L, Polci A, d'Alessio SG, Di Luca M, Orsini M, Di Domenico M, Marcacci M, Mancini G, Spina F, Goffredo M, Monaco F. in Emerg Infect Dis

NPs' Use Of Guidelines To Diagnose And Treat Childhood ADHD.
by: Jansen M. in Nurse Pract

Assessing For And Managing Chronic Insomnia In Primary Care Settings.
by: in Nurse Pract

Assessing For And Managing Chronic Insomnia In Primary Care Settings.
by: Cadet M, Tucker L, Allen DH, Lawal E, Dickson D, Denis AM. in Nurse Pract

Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome.
by: in Nurse Pract

Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome.
by: Felix A, John RM. in Nurse Pract

Adapting The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines In Pediatric Primary Care.
by: Christianson AJ, Shagena AA. in Nurse Pract

Missed Opportunities To Immunize Young Adult Males With The HPV Vaccine To Reduce Oropharyngeal Cancer.
by: Stout PZ, Martins DC. in Nurse Pract


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