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A Non-canonical Hedgehog Pathway Initiates Ciliogenesis And Autophagy.
by: Akhshi T, Trimble WS. in J Cell Biol

Impact Of Short- And Long-Term Exposure To Elevated Seawater Pco2 On Metabolic Rate And Hypoxia Tolerance In Octopus Rubescens.
by: Onthank KL, Trueblood LA, Schrock-Duff T, Kore LG. in Physiol Biochem Zool

Personality Traits And Sense Of Dignity In End-of-Life Cancer Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study.
by: Bovero A, Cotardo F, Pierotti V, Gottardo F, Botto R, Opezzo M, Geminiani GC. in Am J Hosp Palliat Care

Paediatric Open Tibial Fractures. Do Children Require A Modified Approach To That Advised By The British Orthopaedic Association And British Association Of Plastic Reconstructive And Aesthetic Surgeons In The UK?
by: Chan Y, Selvaratnam V, James L, Nayagam S. in J Pediatr Orthop B

Assembly And Function Of The Anthrax Toxin Protein Translocation Complex.
by: Liddington RC. in Subcell Biochem

A Structural Perspective On Gene Repression By Polycomb Repressive Complex 2.
by: Liu X. in Subcell Biochem

Structural Organization And Protein-Protein Interactions In Human Adenovirus Capsid.
by: Reddy VS, Barry MA. in Subcell Biochem

Fibrinogen And Fibrin.
by: Litvinov RI, Pieters M, de Lange-Loots Z, Weisel JW. in Subcell Biochem

Hepatitis B Core Protein Capsids.
by: Böttcher B. in Subcell Biochem

Interaction Networks Of Ribosomal Expansion Segments In Kinetoplastids.
by: Vicens Q, Bochler A, Jobe A, Frank J, Hashem Y. in Subcell Biochem

The SF3b Complex Is An Integral Component Of The Spliceosome And Targeted By Natural Product-Based Inhibitors.
by: Larsen NA. in Subcell Biochem

Structure, Function And Physiology Of 5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptors Subtype 3.
by: Gibbs E, Chakrapani S. in Subcell Biochem

Leucine Dehydrogenase: Structure And Thermostability.
by: Yamaguchi H, Kamegawa A, Nakata K, Kashiwagi T, Fujiyoshi Y, Tani K, Mizukoshi T. in Subcell Biochem

Cellulosomes: Highly Efficient Cellulolytic Complexes.
by: Alves VD, Fontes CMGA, Bule P. in Subcell Biochem

Architecture And Assembly Of The Bacterial Flagellar Motor Complex.
by: Morimoto YV, Minamino T. in Subcell Biochem

How Structures Of Complement Complexes Guide Therapeutic Design.
by: Bickel JK, Voisin TB, Tate EW, Bubeck D. in Subcell Biochem

Recent Progress In Structural Studies On The GT-C Superfamily Of Protein Glycosyltransferases.
by: Bohl T, Bai L, Li H. in Subcell Biochem

The DNA Replication Machine: Structure And Dynamic Function.
by: Yao NY, O'Donnell ME. in Subcell Biochem

Structure And Function Of The Separase-Securin Complex.
by: Luo S, Tong L. in Subcell Biochem

An Overview Of Dps: Dual Acting Nanovehicles In Prokaryotes With DNA Binding And Ferroxidation Properties.
by: Williams SM, Chatterji D. in Subcell Biochem

Factor VIII And Factor V Membrane Bound Complexes.
by: Stoilova-McPhie S. in Subcell Biochem

Structure, Dynamics And Function Of The 26S Proteasome.
by: Mao Y. in Subcell Biochem

Prospective Study Of Paediatric Medial Humeral Epicondyle Fractures Nonoperatively Treated. Clinical, Radiologic, And Functional Evaluation At Long Term.
by: Rehm A, Ngu A, Thahir A. in J Pediatr Orthop B

How Does Level Of Personality Functioning Inform Clinical Management And Treatment? Implications For ICD-11 Classification Of Personality Disorder Severity.
by: Bach B, Simonsen S. in Curr Opin Psychiatry

Personality Traits In The International Classification Of Diseases 11th Revision (ICD-11).
by: Oltmanns JR. in Curr Opin Psychiatry


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