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Multimodal Imaging Supporting The Pathophysiology Of White Dot Syndromes.
by: Testi I, Modugno RL, Pavesio C. in J Ophthalmic Inflamm Infect

Imaging Of Prostate Cancer.
by: Schlemmer HP, Krause BJ, Schütz V, Bonekamp D, Schwarzenböck S, Hohenfellner M. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Drug Safety For Nursing-Home Residents - Findings Of A Pragmatic, Cluster-Randomized, Controlled Intervention Trial In 44 Nursing Homes.
by: Junius-Walker U, Krause O, Thürmann P, Bernhard S, Fuchs A, Sparenberg L, Wollny A, Stolz R, Haumann H, Freytag A, Kirsch C, Usacheva S, Wilm S, Wiese B, HIOPP-3-iTBX Trial Group. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

An Automated Electronic Screening Tool (DETECT) For The Detection Of Potentially Irreversible Loss Of Brain Function.
by: Trabitzsch A, Pleul K, Barlinn K, Franz V, Dengl M, Götze M, Güldner A, Eberlein-Gonska M, Albrecht DM, Hugo C. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Split-Thickness Skin Grafting: A Primer For Orthopaedic Surgeons.
by: Taylor BC, Triplet JJ, Wells M. in J Am Acad Orthop Surg

Neonatal White Matter Microstructure And Emotional Development During The Pre-school Years In Children Who Were Born Very Preterm.
by: Kanel D, Vanes L, Pecheva D, Hadaya L, Falconer S, Counsell S, Edwards D, Nosarti C. in eNeuro

Osteoporotic Fractures Of The Thoracic And Lumbar Vertebra: Diagnosis And Conservative Treatment-A Systematic Review.
by: Spiegl U, Bork H, Grüninger S, Maus U, Osterhoff G, Scheyerer MJ, Pieroh P, Schnoor J, Heyde CE, Schnake KJ. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

The Incidence Of Fractures Among The Adult Population Of Germany – And Analysis From 2009 Through 2019.
by: Rupp M, Walter N, Pfeifer C, Lang S, Kerschbaum M, Krutsch W, Baumann F, Alt V. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Management Of Pediatric Transplant Patients In The Emergency Department.
by: DiFabio B, Ruttan T. in Pediatr Emerg Med Pract

Phosphodiesterase 4 Mediates Interleukin-8-induced Heterologous Desensitization Of The β2 -adrenergic Receptor.
by: Rich TC, Leavesley SJ, Brandon AP, Evans CA, Raju SV, Wagener BM. in FASEB J

Absence Of Prostacyclin Greatly Relieves Cyclophosphamide-induced Cystitis And Bladder Pain In Mice.
by: Ochiai T, Sasaki Y, Yokoyama C, Kuwata H, Hara S. in FASEB J

Potent Anti-inflammatory Effects Of An H2 S-releasing Naproxen (ATB-346) In A Human Model Of Inflammation.
by: Glanville JRW, Jalali P, Flint JD, Patel AA, Maini AA, Wallace JL, Hosin AA, Gilroy DW. in FASEB J

Skeletal Muscle Type-specific Mitochondrial Adaptation To High-fat Diet Relies On Differential Autophagy Modulation.
by: Morales PE, Monsalves-Álvarez M, Tadinada SM, Harris MP, Ramírez-Sagredo A, Ortiz-Quintero J, Troncoso MF, De Gregorio N, Calle X, Pereira RO, Lira VA, Espinosa A, Abel ED, Lavandero S. in FASEB J

by: in Clin Exp Dermatol

Scientific Meeting Of The FRT - Fondation René Touraine.
by: in Clin Exp Dermatol

Following The Lead.
by: Gerber L. in Am J Nurs

Jackie Campbell: Creator Of The Danger Assessment.
by: Fauteux N. in Am J Nurs

Aroused: A Rousing Look At Hormones.
by: Brown T. in Am J Nurs

A Case Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
by: Kupchik N, Green J. in Am J Nurs

Cross-Sectional Studies.
by: Capili B. in Am J Nurs

On Its Own Terms: An ICU Nurse Considers Human Adaptability.
by: Phipps M. in Am J Nurs

Transgender And Gender Diverse Nursing Care.
by: Nye CM, Anderson A. in Am J Nurs

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake Linked To Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Risk.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

Postpartum Nurse Home Visits Offer Long-Lasting Benefits.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs

More Adverse Events With Home Infusions.
by: Rosenberg K. in Am J Nurs



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