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The Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease–Current Status Six Decades After The First Bypass Operation.
by: Doenst T, Thiele H, Haasenritter J, Wahlers T, Massberg S, Haverich A. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Trainee Knowledge And Perceptions Of Less Than Full Time Training.
by: Howard C, Golden M, Gavin P, Crushell E. in Ir Med J

Efficacy Of CD40 Agonists Is Mediated By Distinct CDC Subsets And Subverted By Suppressive Macrophages.
by: Murgaski A, Kiss M, Van Damme H, Kancheva D, Vanmeerbeek I, Keirsse J, Hadadi E, Brughmans J, Arnouk SM, Hamouda AEI, Debraekeleer A, Bosteels V, Elkrim Y, Boon L, Hoves S, Vandamme N, Deschoemaeker S, Janssens S, Garg AD, Vande Velde G, Schmittnaegel M, Ries CH, Laoui D. in Cancer Res

Downstaging In Advanced Rectal Cancers: A Propensity-Matched Comparison Between Short-Course Radiotherapy Followed By Chemotherapy And Long-Course Chemoradiotherapy.
by: Kammar PS, Garach NR, Masillamany S, de'Souza A, Ostwal V, Saklani AP. in Dis Colon Rectum

Contact-Lens-Associated Keratitis–An Often Underestimated Risk.
by: Maier P, Betancor PK, Reinhard T. in Dtsch Arztebl Int

Fever In Children Aged 3 To 36 Months: Management In The Emergency Department.
by: Badri N, Friedman L. in Pediatr Emerg Med Pract

Angioedema In The Emergency Department: An Evidence-based Update.
by: Mehta P, Milanko N, Leaf J, Kern J. in Emerg Med Pract

Wound-Induced Hair Neogenesis Model.
by: Xue Y, Lim CH, Plikus MV, Ito M, Cotsarelis G, Garza LA. in J Invest Dermatol

Toward Cannabinoid Use For Refractory Cutaneous Dermatomyositis.
by: Wittmann M, Staubach P, McGonagle D. in J Invest Dermatol

The JID: A Scientific Home For Innovative, Rigorously Conducted, Clinical, And Epidemiologic Research In Dermatology From Around The World.
by: Gelfand JM. in J Invest Dermatol

Man With Fever And Pyuria.
by: Huang HH, Yang PJ. in Ann Emerg Med

Man With Left Flank Pain.
by: Granat N, Shaar Y, Alpert EA. in Ann Emerg Med

Man With Chest Tightness And Weight Loss.
by: Hsu NC, Yang CW, Huang CW, Hsu CH. in Ann Emerg Med

Elderly Male With Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.
by: Su YC, Sim SS, Chiu YC, Chu SE, Hsieh MJ, Huang EP, Tsai KC, Chiang WC, Ma MH, Sun JT. in Ann Emerg Med

Clinical Policy: Critical Issues In The Evaluation And Management Of Adult Patients Presenting To The Emergency Department With Acute Heart Failure Syndromes: Approved By ACEP Board Of Directors, June 23, 2022.
by: American College of Emergency Physicians Clinical Policies Subcommittee (Writing Committee) on Acute Heart Failure Syndromes. in Ann Emerg Med

Experience Using Paxlovid For Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 In A Resource-Limited Emergency Department.
by: Nene RV, Navarro MR, Tomaszewski CA, Lafree A. in Ann Emerg Med

Removal Of Race From Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Calculations: Implications For The Emergency Department.
by: Morrison JC, Mumma BE, Lim MR, Horton M, Tran N, Ford JS. in Ann Emerg Med

A Novel Setup For Large Bore Suctioning With An Endotracheal Tube, Shears, And Suction Tubing.
by: He L, Kunz M. in Ann Emerg Med

Ill PREPAREd-II Intubate The Critically Ill: October 2022 Annals Of Emergency Medicine Journal Club.
by: Hockstein M, Spiegel RJ. in Ann Emerg Med

Young Man With Syncope.
by: Lange J, Frasure SE, Dearing E. in Ann Emerg Med

Man With Fever And Dyspnea.
by: Shimamoto K, Ohta-Ogo K, Fujita T, Kusano KF, Kanzaki H. in Ann Emerg Med

Pregnant Woman With Abdominal Pain And Vaginal Bleeding.
by: Chen SW, Liu YC, Lee WJ. in Ann Emerg Med

Man With Abdominal Pain And Syncope.
by: Lemus M, Darnsteadt D, Muscarella L. in Ann Emerg Med

Infant With Respiratory Distress.
by: Rehberg JL, Mackenzie DC, Mieritz P, Wilson CN. in Ann Emerg Med

Elderly Woman With Left Shoulder Pain After A Fall.
by: Gohde E, Irfanullah I, Bolton L, Osumah N, Herbst T, Stroh DA, Herbst MK. in Ann Emerg Med



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